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Custom Bracelet for Kim
All Rock Candy Necklace 18 to 20"
For Alicia H.
Look/See for Darlene G. ~ Small "Pocketbook" Earrings
Small Aqua "Pocketbooks
in Silver $18
In Light Vitrail (Lavenders)
in Silver $20
In Aqua Sphinx
in Silver $20
In Crystal Silver Shade
in Silver $18
In Sahara Sphinx (Greens)
in Gold-Filled $22
Assorted Colors ~ Fuchsia/Aqua/Olivene
in Silver $18
In Jet with Silver
In Swarovski's New Color~Peacock
Silver $22 Gold-Filled $25
Finished Bracelet in
Pinks & Purples
Seaside Lampwork Bracelet
with Swarovski Crystals
The Finished Bracelet
to Match Two Previously
Designed Necklaces
Finished with Gold Inlay
with Silver Clasp
Pink Sea Glass,Coin Pearl,
Sterling Starfish Necklace
$30 ~ SOLD
Sterling Seaside Pendant
on 16 or 18 Inch Chain
Tiny Nautical Charms in Sterling Silver
Pressed Abalone Shell Pendant
on Pearl Necklace
$49 SOLD

Swarovski Starfish,Sea Glass, Sterling Seahorse & Pearl
$40  SOLD
Swarovski Starfish in
Lt Vitrail on Chain
"Little Treasures"
Sw Starfish, Seahorse, Lampwork and Abalone
16 or 18" Necklace
Delicate Coin Pearls with
Shell Charm
Beachy Earrings with Sand Dollars
Pearls, Sw Crystals, & Shell
The Beads I Requested the Artist Create
Custom Necklace for Stephanie